New cover for the Malaysian translation

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  Great news from Noor Amin Ahmad and LEAD Malaysia, “This is the book cover design for ‘The Adventure of Jonathan Gullible’ (Malaysian version). It is now queing for printing, ISBN number is 978-967-13141-3-5 We (3 of us) are planning to go to Mumbai. Hope everything is smooth so that we can meet you there with some books!”

2008 October Newsletter

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THE BALTICS In July my family all used The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible: A Free Market Odyssey (JG) in teaching at various youth conferences and camps across Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The Language of Liberty Camp, originally founded by Virgis Daukas and Stephen Browne fifteen years ago for the youth of Lithuania, Belarus, and Poland, remains as strong as ever. The …

2007 October Newsletter

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HEADLINES 5 New Books Published in 2007 Polish, Mongolian, Turkish, Georgian, Nepali 2 Stage Plays Produced Nigeria, Slovakia 6 New Languages of Animated Philosophy of Liberty Danish, Italian, Polish, Lithuanian, Somali, Hungarian, +10 in queue 3 Language Editions Resurrected Kyrgyz, German, Romanian 13 New Language Projects French, Tagalog, Slovakian, Slovenian, Estonian, Kashubian, Arabic, Haitian Creole, Tamil, Ukrainian, Russian, Hebrew, Visayan …


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Upisivanje knjige Dozivljaji Jonathana Gulliblea na hrvatskom jeziiku na ovoj stranici je u toku. KEN SCHOOLLAND DOZIVLJAJI  JONATHANA  GULLIBLEA Medju grabljivcima, prosjacima ,prevarantima i kraljevima. Dvostruki dobitnik Pocasne medalje George Washington  Javne komunikacije .Ekonomska izobrazba. Ken Schoolland-Dozivljaji Jonathana Gulliblea Naziv izvornika THE ADVENTURES OF JONATHAN GULLIBLE: Amidst Vultures, Beggars, Con Men& Kings by Ken Schoolland Second edition ,December 1994 An …

2007 February Newsletter

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Headlines -9 New Books Published in 2006 -2 New Plays for Theater in 2006 -5 New Languages of Animated Philosophy of Liberty -25 New Language Editions of PoL in Production -Progress in Audio, Film, Comics -Distribution, Articles, and More New Book: Somali   Faisal Hassan Last year Faisal Hassan translated and serialized the Somali edition of The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible: A Free …

2006 July Newsletter

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JG THE MOVIE JG The Movie has completed shooting the first of six parts for a full length feature film. The movie is being directed by Laine “Sharkbait” Yoshioka, produced by Titus Park, screenplay by Susan Wells, starring Trí Kai Minh Lê as Jonathan along with a great, fun cast and crew. A slide show of selected scenes from the …

The Three Free Marketeers

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The odyssey of promoting free market ideas around the world continues with the publication of a localized Nigerian edition of The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible: A Free Market Odyssey (JG), originally published by Small Business Hawaii and now available in 35 languages. This was accomplished recently through the work of Agwu Amogu, founder and director of the Individual Liberty Initiative …

2005 August Newsletter

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INDIA: LIBERTY INSTITUTE Barun Mitra, President of the Liberty Institute has published two sparkling new commentary editions of the book in English and Bengali. The Hindi edition is in translation and due to be published soon. These editions all include commentaries related to each chapter of the book. Reviewing the book in The Hindu Business Line, D. Murali says, “YOU …

2004 December Newsletter

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China In April 2003, Dean Peng took a break from the translation of numerous works by renowned Austrian economists: Friedrich A. Hayek, Ludwig von Mises, Henry Hazlitt, Eugen Bohm-Bawerk, Peter J. Boettke, and Mark Skousen. At that moment he ran across an article by Toshio Murata, Japanese translator of von Mises’ Human Action. Professor Murata wrote about a project in Japan that …


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1. AVANTURITE NA XONATAN GALIBL Nekoga{ odamna, vo edno gra~e pokraj moreto, dodeka se u{te ju`na Kalifornija ne be{e pretrupana so kabrioleti na filmskite zvezdi, `ivee{e edno dete koe se vika{e Xonatan Galibl. Za nego sekoj bi ka`al deka e obi~no mom~e, osven negovite roditeli, koi mislea deka toj e mnogu umen i posebno atletski graden, od glavata, so rusa …