What people have to say about the book…

“I’ve been meaning to tell you for some time that I think you’re doing fabulous work in the struggle for liberty…Jonathan Gullible is a great read and makes the principles of liberty accessible, even possibly to those with alien and hostile minds.”Walter E. Williams, Economist
Your book is utterly fabulous! It is a Johnny Appleseed of liberty.Vince Miller, President, International Society for Individual Liberty
…[A]fine book for promoting free market ideas for young people…Karl Hess, author of Capitalism for Kids
If there is one thing that is simply remarkable about the book, The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible, it is the writing style: simple and interesting even as it deals with a heavy topic from hardcore economics to the free market.Sunil Kumar
How often do you read a book about economics that you’re sure your teen-age child will enjoy? “Never” comes to mind. For some reason, I never believed my 14-year-old would love “Human Action” or “Atlas Shrugged” or “Economics in One Lesson,” even though those classics explain free-market principles in succinct form.Steven Greenhut, Senior editorial writer and columnist, The Orange County Register
I’m simply amazed by your book: The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible. To tell you the truth I’m also a bit scared of your accuracy and sharpness…I couldn’t help but thinking how long you’d been in Poland! It’s just unbelievable when I was reading the book I thought this is just like going back in time, before 1989.Monika Lukasiewicz, Drama Director, Liberty English Camp, Warszawa, Poland
The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible is one of my childhood favorites. I grew up reading it. It had its place under my coffee table right next to my dad’s copy of Atlas Shrugged. What I have always liked about this book is that it makes sense. That may not seem like a lot, but today, when books are filled with more contradictions than words, it is very refreshing to read something and say to yourself: “yeah, I agree.” Even as an eight year old I could understand a lot of what was going on in the book, even to the point of looking at my dad incredulously and asking why on earth anyone would want to punish someone for producing too much food. I attribute this to the clarity of the author. The book, in my opinion, is very philosophical, yet it never takes on the air of a stuffy college textbook that is oh-so-intelligent and too complicated for you to read. It is a remarkable book and is a wonderful way to introduce someone to capitalism, or to make a capitalist’s day. I have never read any book that made free market principles so easily understandable, and that, in itself, is a great achievement.Theresa Geiger
“I do think your JG book is THE best introduction to economics ever invented, one that can be enjoyed by young and old readers, budding economist or professional. I’ve recommended it to everyone.”Mark Skousen, Economist
The free market principles discussed are valuable for everyone who is interested in creating a free society.Virginijus Daukas, President, Free Market Foundation, Lithuania
“My notions of education previously consisted of threadbare textbooks, stern and cold teachers, of sweating…I have realized that this book is the best textbook I have ever come across…I have learnt more about free markets, private property, free flow of ideas, people and goods, than during the whole of my studies, both at high school and now at the university.”Valerija Dasic, Belgrade, Serbia
…[A] very impressive book. When more and more of the younger generation are attracted to comic books, animation, and illustrated books, your approach is one of the best means to promote our philosophy.Prof. Toshio Murata, President, Yokohama College of Commerce, translator of Human Action, by Ludwig von Mises, Japan
[The book] makes you laugh, but it leaves you meditating, which is one of the most effective ways ever invented…in making them understand the principles of a free market economy and a free society.Valentina Buxar, Fundatia Liberala, Romania
‘Ideological topics that otherwise would require books to read and years to debate are made clear in five minutes. I plan to send copies to all branches of the Free Democrats….Jon Henrik Gilhus, International Secretary, Free Democrats, Norway
Philosophy of Liberty Animation: WOW!

Thank you again and again for having produced and presented this most excellent exposition with respect to human life and Liberty’s sweet underpinnings! It is now a permanent bookmark in my browser’s library.Charlene Mann

Thank you, thank you, thank you for that wonderful book!! It was very refreshing to read a book so logical, entertaining, and enlightening, that was written by an author other than Ayn Rand. I was forced to laugh out loud from the all-too-accurate depiction of the socialist mentality that runs rampant throughout this world, especially here in Hawaii. It was very funny, but in a way, quite depressing, since I have to face the fact that a lot of the government, especially the local government, is run that way. The story may be set in a fantasy world, but the situations involved come way too close to reality. Again, thank you for the wonderful book!Stuart Hayashi, 1999 Valedictorian, Mililani High School, Hawaii
“It certainly presents basic economic principles in a very simple and intelligible form. It is an imaginative and very useful piece of work.”Milton Friedman, Nobel Laureate in Economics
…[I]t is, perhaps, the most clearly written and thus readily understandable presentation of the all too neglected philosophical legacy of Liberty and Free Market Economics that I have ever read.Nicolai Heering, nceinber of Libertas Socicety, Denmark
Great meeting you. I want you to know how big a fan I am. Your little book has had a big impact on my life. I read Hayek and von Mises in college, but your book came to my attention after my election in 1996. Several copies have been “stolen” from my legislative coffee table, so I’m not the only person appreciative of your perspective.Rep. David Pendleton
“In 44 languages and wonderfully accessible, Jonathan Gullible provides valuable lessons for us all.”John Stossel, The Stossel Show
Makes understanding of concepts like liberty, rights, choices, trade, free market economics, democracy, development, poverty, governments and tax a child’s playM. S. S. Varadan, The Hindu
Dear Mr Schoolland,
I hope you are fine and healthy, just like when we met in a youth camp in Lithuania. I am the girl who participated in debates and had pleasure to get one of the most valuable presents in her life – your book (‘The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible’). I have read it and, of course, cannot stop myself from expressing my opinion about it. Jelena Osipova
I am a student of Can Tho University in Vietnam. My name is Nguyen Duy Anh and I have just graduated from School. I am writing this letter to express my ideas after reading “The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible”as well as looking for opportunities to advance my study. The book was translated and published in Vietnam a year ago but I have not been able to have it up until now. Thank you very much for writing such an interesting and useful book! It is not just about free market but also about freedom and justice, those topics that aren’t taught at school or widely discussed. Vietnam is a socialist country so our access to related resource is very limited. The reference part of the book provided many useful sources to learn more about freedom and liberty. Good news is that since Vietnam open the door for trading the society also become more open. Recently we can organize some public class or forum about these topics although the scope is usually about economics, not politics. This year I was given a scholarship for a short-term class about “Foundations of the Market Economy” by Vietnam center for Economics and Policy Research and ATLAS Economic Research Foundation. Your book helped me a lot. It is interesting to compare the stories from “The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible” to the events in Vietnam. For example, the problem happened in “Best Laid Plans is currently a hot topic in Vietnam. Many people objected to price given by the government to take their land because it is far behind the market price. In some case it leads to crime when people feeling desperate as they can do nothing about the government. They revenged by suicide or by killing the officers. By doing so, I can also debate in a better way whether these events are good or bad, right or wrong. My interest in the book also leads me to the idea of writing this letter to you to look for opportunities to study abroad for Master degree. My undergraduate study is about International Business. My research interest is about free market. However I also want to learn more about freedom, justice and liberty.Nguyen Duy Anh