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The original English edition was published by Small Business Hawaii


English editions are available in print from:


Aspekt Publishing Co. book & audio CD orders at  website

Laissez Faire Books

The Freedom Library

Reality Zone

UK English Commentary Edition (free download for educational purposes.)
Commentary co-author Janette Eldridge [left photo with Mark Skousen, author and economist] interviewed by Nadene Parsons.

As English Commentary Edition, (Print), Barun Mitra & Liberty Institute, New Delhi, India

Screenplays for theater: Slovkian play in Slovak & English, Nigerian play in English.

Audio CD in English and Polish, contact Kris Haladus [right photo].

French edition available on Amazon.


40+ Translations:




Very great news from Kozeta Cika in Tirana, holding her Albanian translation of Ayn Rand's Anthem above: "The book is already in the main bookshops of Tirana and in the libraries of three Economic Faculties we have here, one state and two private. I have also engaged with spreading copies some university professors who, I hope, will help with its popularity."
The original edition was translated by Kozeta Cuadari and published by the Albanian Center for Economic Research, Tirana, Albania, 1998. For a free electronic download of this edition contact Tomislav Krsmanovic or, click here.




The translation of this edition was sponsored by Nicholas Dykes [above left] and the publication was managed by Nouh El Harmouzi, [above right] editor and project manager of the “Lamp of Liberty,” and sponsored by Tom Palmer of the Cato Institute. For a print edition of the book, order on line or contact Haitham al- Zubbaidi.















Third from right in center photo is Sugianto Tandra <>, head of the Freedom Institute, publishers of the Bahasa edition in Jakarta, Indonesia. Staff in photo to the right.



Khalil Ahmad has produced 6 editions in Pakistan: 3 Urdu, 2 Sindhi, and 1 Balochi!




Barun Mitra, President of the Liberty Institute, of New Delhi, India. For the print edition, please contact the Liberty Institute.














T. Krsmanovic, A.S DELO, Zemun-Beograd, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, arranged the publication in 1994. For the print edition contact Tomislav Krsmanovic or, for a free download of the electronic edition, click Bosnian 2nd edition, Edo Omerčević,
Center for Advancement of Free Enterprise
Dr. Ćire Truhelke 10/A
72000 Zenica, Bosnia






The Braille edition (2 parts) were published in Kathmandu by Riya Basnet and Nisha Niralu.



The second Bulgarian edition is available through Kalin Manolov.



Dean Peng [left] translated the mainland Chinese edition of JG. Jerome Ma [right] arranged the publication and can provide print copies.


Tomislav Krsmanovic, Nas glas, Zagreb, Croatia, 1996.  For the print edition contact Tomislav Krsmanovic or, for a free download of the electronic edition, click




Josef Sima, Liberalni Institut, Prague, Czech Republic, 1999. Please contact Josef about print copies or download the electronic copy for free.



Hubert.& Rita Jongen & De Roode Toren, Netherlands, 1990. This was the first international edition of JG, thus Hubert and Rita are depicted as JG's parents in later editions. Contact Hubert for copies of the Dutch edition.



Purchase this edition from ELNA or from UEA or contact Steve Cobb for more information.


Visit Petri Kajander's site Talouden perusteet for Finnish translations of chapters of The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible (among other essential Austrian texts). Reports Petri-- Now I have released the complete Finnish version: (Online)
Downloadable pdf:  

Best, Petri


The French translation was prepared by Louise Zizka and Jacques DeGuenin (above), published by Editions Tatamis, Paris. French books are available from Tatamis and AMAZON.  Reviews by Jacques De Guenin and Wikiliberal.



Georgian edition, Georgian, Paata Sheshelidze, New Economic University, Tbilisi, Georgia, July, 2007



The new German book and audiobook editions of "The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible" are out! Translation: Steffen Hentrich (below right, Second German edition, 2013), Michael Mehnert (First German edition, 1998), Book Design, Artwork: Olivia Güthling (, Proofreading: Simoné Okaj-Braun, Dr. Sabine Cohen-Friedlaender, Project manager: Kay Heinz Ehrhardt, Audiobook narrator: Boris Eichler (below left), Publisher: Liberal Institut, Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation for Freedom (, eBook download (epub, mobi [kindle], Acrobat-pdf]):


A hardcopy and a audio-CD can be ordered for free at the book homepage: or downloaded free here. Feel free to ask Steffen other questions about his translation and the production of the second german edition.  Referent/Senior Research Fellow, Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung für die Freiheit, Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation for Liberty, Liberales Institut - Liberal Institute, Reinhardtstr. 12, D-10117 Berlin.


The original translation was published by S.P. Kopp Publishers, Berlin, Germany, 1998, and is distributed by André F. Lichtschlag at Capitalista!  An Introduction has been written by Christian Butterbach, 23.12.2004, and an electronic copy of the book may be viewed at Christian Butterbach's site html or in PDF format.


Dimitris Malamoulis serialized this publication in the newspaper Neo Typos, of Volos, Greece.  Not available in print, but have a closer look at the article Front PageInside.



Barun Mitra, President of the Liberty Institute, of New Delhi, India has completed a Hindi translation. Chapters 1-6 are available as pdf files. Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6


Andras Szijjarto published the book through Agroinform Kiadohaz, Budapest, Hungary, 1999. It is out of print.


Aldo Canovari at Liberilibri di AMA srl - Macerata, Italy published the Italian translation in 1999. Italian translator Luigi Scarfiotti (right).



This edition was first translated by a team headed by Yoko Otsuji/Toshio Murata, for the Keisai Seminar Journal, published by Nippon Hyoron Sha Co., Ltd., Tokyo, 2001. It has since been turned into a comic strip for the website Japanese for Tax Reform through the efforts of Hiroshi Yoshida and the illustrations of Maruko Maruyama.



Nepali edition, American Center and Youth Alliance, Kathmandu, Nepal, August, 2007, contact Thapa, Prakash K,


Nigerian Pidgin English 

& Play

Agwu Amogu published the Nigerian Pidgin English edition of JG. Please contact him or download a free copy by clicking here: Word Document .



A play was written and produced by Adedayo Thomas [above left] & Paul Ugbede and directed by Dr. Sam Kafewo [above right], based on the book by Ken Schoolland, The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible: A Free Market Odyssey (JG). With a cast of 22, the production was performed August 13 to 15, 2009 at the Drama Village, Ahmadu Bello University in Nigeria.




The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible for local African readers in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda--courtesy of James Shikwati, IREN, and ISIL! For print or electronic copies, contact James or IREN, the Inter Region Economic Network.


K-Mee Jung translated the book and arranged for publication through Moonwhamada Publishing Co., South Korea, 2003.


Zarina Osmonalieva (center) headed the Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) team in Kyrgyzstan for this translation.


V. Bluzma & The Latvian Free Market Institute, Riga, Latvia, published this edition in 1995.



Virgis Daukas & Valstybinis Leidybos Centras, Vilnius, Lithuania, 1994. Please contact Virgis if you wish to have copies.



Tomislav Krsmanovic, Matica makedonska, Skopje, Macedonia, 1996. For the print edition contact Tomislav Krsmanovic or, for a free download of the electronic edition, click here.

Also see for e-book, 2004, Pavlina Petrova, E-Book (PDF) HTML

D. Khurelbaatar & Dulmaa Baatar prepared the first edition at left. The second edition was arranged by Baldandorj Batchuluun 



Tomislav Krsmanovic  & Valstybinis Leidybos Centras, Vilnius, Lithuania, 1994. For a free download of this ebook, click here: Word Doc



The first edition was translated by Linda Tjelta & published by Fremskrittspartiets Ungdom, Oslo, Norway, 1993. The second translation was translated and serialized by Bent Johan Mosfjell in Nytt Paradigme, Oslo, Norway, 2005.



Christina Sakaziro, translated and published the Palauan edition in Saipan, 1998.

Persian (Farsi)


Henry and Roya Weyerhaeuser sponsored the Farsi edition and the fine work of the esteemed translator, Reza Montazem, who also arranged for publication of the book in Tehran, Iran, 2005.



Jan Jacek Szymona, Instytut Liberalno-Konserwatywny, Lublin, and Andrej Zwana, Hajduk, Spolny, Sierpinski, Wydawnictwo "Zielone Brygady", Krakow, collaborated with the first Polish edition in 2000. The revised second edition was published by Kryzysztof Haladus (above) in Sosnowiec, Poland, in 2007. Please contact Kris for copies of the book or audio CD.



Ricardo Ranzolin & Instituto Liberal, Porto Alegre, Brazil, 1999




Translated by Valentina Nicolaie Ludwig von Mises Institute - Romania, 1995. Please contact Valentina for the print edition, Iulian Tanase for the newest, or the electro, 2001 e-edition or here: 

Romany (Gypsy)

Trifun & Igor Dimic, Romani matica in Jugoslavija, Novi sad, 2000. For the print edition contact Tomislav Krsmanovic or, for a free download of the electronic edition, click here.






















"First published in St. Petersburg, the book has quickly found its Russian audience with a libertarian mindset. Here are some websites with the Russian version of The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible available: The website provides a free digital version of the book. “LibertyNews” consists of a number of articles that are focused on ideas of capitalism, liberty, and freedom from government control of the economy. Such notions are relatively new in the post Soviet Russia. In addition, the website provides various interviews and books on liberty. The Mises Center is an institution that focuses on the social-economic development of Belarus. According to the above mentioned website, the Mises Center uses The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible as academic literature in their teachings. 

"Another free digital Russian version of Schoolland’s book is available at “”. R-e-e-d: Free Generation is a Russian internet journal that connects the younger generation of post Soviet republics. For more than 70 years the ideas of personal freedom, private property, and a free market economy was outlawed in such republics and the purpose of R-e-e-d is to bring libertarians of these countries together. The project focuses on world news, organizing lectures in various universities, and publishing articles by many experts in order to understand the role of the individual and of the government in the future. The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible is available in the online library of the website. is simply an online store that sells a hard copy of the book. The website is mostly selling academic literature." Azamat Parchiev is from Moscow and formerly a student of economics at Hawaii Pacific University.

Dmitrii Kostygin published the first edition in St. Petersburg, Russia, 1993. A revised edition was sponsored by Kenneth DeGraaf, translated by E. Mamontova, and placed E. Rakova, The von Mises Center in Minsk Belarus



Thanks to Tomislav Krsmanovic, the Ruthenian edition of "The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible" has just arrived. Tomislav has now completed publication of nine language editions in the Balkan region. He is a great hero of freedom in a very tough part of the world. For his tireless efforts for liberty, The International Society for Individual Liberty (now renamed Liberty International) presented Tomislav with the prestigious Bruce Evoy Torch of Freedom Award. (JG is now in 51 languages worldwide.) Tomislav writes:

"Right now I called again Santa Nikola, the book was printed two weeks ago. I am happy that I have once again contributed to the libertarian project. I want to continue our libertarian adventure--my life is so similar to the life of Jonathan Gullible, but on the local way. I believe that all those who collaborated around the globe or who read the book, are slowly coming to the same conclusion--that their lives are also similar to Jonathan's. Nor do I mean that my life is something unusual, or that I am a special person, Jonathan is universal, a global phenomenon of modern civilization. My dream is to buy from my brother his house in the village Uzovnica and there to develop new libertarian projects. With the best greetings."




Published through Tomislav Krsmanovic, first edition 1996, second edition ebook 2002, second edition print 2006 in Belgrade, Serbia. For a free download of the electronic edition, click here.


The Sinahala commentary edition was published by Luxman Siriwardena and Raja M.B. Senanayake, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 2006


Dr. Khalil Ahmad, Alternate Solutions Institute, Lahore, Pakistan, 2008 Contact Dr. Khalil Ahmad.


By Matus Posvanc and Brano Opaterny  (center right)



First edition by Tomislav Krsmanovic, Zalozba Likom D.O.O., Ljubljana, Slovenia, 1996. For a free download of the electronic edition, click here.

Second edition by Mitja and Matjaz Steinbacher, award winning illustrations by Breda Sturm.



Faisal Hassan/The Somali Link & Hanad, Somali serialized edition, published by Faisal Hassan, Somali Voice, Toronto, Canada, 2004-2005. 

 We can sell the book for $14.99 dollars plus shipping. Write to Mr. Faisal Hassan, Email:

View photos of the Book Launch. A free download of the book is available as a pdf or as a word document:
Spanish (1st ed.)


The first Spanish edition was translated and published by Judy Nagy, (center of the photo), founder of Fundación El Manantial, Quito, Ecuador, 1997.

Spanish (2nd ed.)

The second Spanish edition was sponsored by Henry and Roya Weyerhaeuser and translated and published by Hernán Alberro, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2006
Mats Walus, translator of the Swedish edition, advertised here: Se Annons. This has not yet been published, but you may download a copy for free. E-Book in PDF  

Turkish edition, Dr. Atilla Yayla, Liberal Dusunce Toplulugu, Ankara, Turkey, August, 2007


Dr. Khalil Ahmad, Alternate Solutions Institute, Lahore, Pakistan, first edition 2004, second edition 2008 Contact Dr. Khalil Ahmad.


Translation by Ivo Cerckel in Cebu, Philippines. Free download of ebook: RTF File