The success of The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible and The Philosophy of Liberty are in large part due to the spontaneous actions that individuals have taken to promote them. Take action today in spreading the principles of liberty!

Here are some of the ways you can help:

Volunteers Needed!

We could use someone to help us out tweaking all the new translations of The Philosophy of Liberty flash animation. As the new translations come in, the text positioning and timing of all of the new translations is a little off in places. This would involve tweaking the position and start and stop time in an excel spreadsheet in order to manipulate the text. It could require 1-3 hours per translation. All that’s required is a basic understanding of Excel, no flash programming or translation experience needed.

If you have an eye for detail and some free time to contribute to the project, please contact Ken directly or email

Use the Book

Use the Adventures of Jonathan Gullible to teach simple economic principles in your home or classroom.

Promote the Philosophy of Liberty

Promote the Philosophy of Liberty by posting it on your website, blog, Facebook page, or anywhere you can think of! Burn it onto DVD and give it to your friends, family, or even strangers! Not everyone who learns of the Philosophy of Liberty will agree with it, but everyone in the world should at least know of it.

Contribute to a New Translation

With the help of individuals around the world, The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible and The Philosophy of Liberty has been translated into many dozens of languages. If you’re willing to translate either project into a language that does not already exist, it will bring us one step closer to having them available in all world languages. Visit the forums to volunteer or email Ken Schoolland.


Donate directly to the Jonathan Gullible fund. You can opt to fund any of our major initiatives directly or to the general fund that keeps the website and other development activities going. With your contribution you’ll have the option of having your contribution recognized indefinitely on our site.

You can make a direct contribution to Jonathan Gullible Fund through Liberty International via PayPal. Just click “Adventures of Jonathon Gullible Translation Project” in the sidebar. Donations are tax deductible.

To enquire about your donation or have any special donation requests, please email us.