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"I've been meaning to tell you for some time that I think you're doing fabulous work in the struggle for liberty…Jonathan Gullible is a great read and makes the principles of liberty accessible, even possibly to those with alien and hostile minds."

--Walter E. Williams, Economist

 "I do think your JG book is THE best introduction to economics ever invented, one that can be enjoyed by young and old readers, budding economist or professional.  I've recommended it to everyone."

--Mark Skousen, Economist

"It certainly presents basic economic principles in a very simple and intelligible form. It is an imaginative and very useful piece of work."

--Milton Friedman, Nobel Laureate in Economics


Malia Zimmerman interviewed Ken Schoolland and his daughter on his efforts to spread information and education about economics around the world:


Jonathan Gullible Rap 

Ron Corpuz and Ryan Segawa


The Jonathan Gullible Rap was first written and produced for radio in Hawaii by Ron Corpuz ( Ryan Segawa (


Download the mp3: The Jonathan Gullible Rap.mp3
View the lyrics: JG Rap Lyrics